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It’s been a year already!

When my book was published last summer, the emotions I felt were a mix of relief and excitement. The former because anyone who has written a long thesis, or even a book, knows how challenging it is and how much it consumes your life. The latter because when something you have written is suddenly out there for the world to read, the buzz is extraordinary.

And that’s how I felt in July 2020.

Now, one year on, having started writing a second book, this time a thriller based in London, Kenya and Somalia, I am able to reflect on what I have achieved and have had the space to put everything into some context.

With the events of the last 12 months dominated by the obvious subject, the opportunity to publicise the book in Kosovo has not been possible. I am so keen to travel back to Pristina, to hold a formal book launch in the city, and to meet up with the characters who feature so strongly throughout the book. Perhaps we can look to do this in 2022.

And there is the small matter of getting the book translated into Albanian. This has been quite hit and miss so far, with offers of help but little concrete action to date. To be fair, those in the publishing and media industry have had a lot on their minds in Kosovo this year.

As with many things, I am happy to wait until we are all more free to come and go as we used to. I am sure that once in Kosovo, and with the chance to hold face to face meetings, a plan will be agreed to translate and publish the book in Albanian.

I will feel as if the journey has come full circle for Under A Feathered Sky at that point.

And by doing so, the people who I have dedicated the book to – the people of Kosovo – will finally have a chance to understand what went on during the winter of 2008/09.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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