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The Shoot Out: a poem written during the Euro 2020 shoot out

Penalties may not have been necessary if Chiellini hadn’t grabbed Saka’s collar.

Hearing the shouts, differing volumes, guessing which side they belong to.

Waiting for the horns,

Watching the roads fill up,

Wondering who would prevail.

Then the silence,

No more cheers.

The horns start up again

And that’s it.

Another defeat, another victory

Who knows?

The cheers are loud,

The echo shapes across the leaden sky.

The peace and the quiet

About to be shattered,

With which coloured flags?

There are hooters, but no car horns.

The time takes longer

The clock seems to have stopped

The cheers that come are not English

Or are they?

The park is a good place

To listen to a penalty shoot out

Whichever side you want to win.

Then the car horns start again

Italian car horns

Not English cheers

Nor English jeers

Just silence.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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