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Klan Kosova TV – interview

Discussing Under A Feathered Sky on Klan Kosova’s ‘Info Magazine’ programme, with Rina Mujku: 14 December 2020.

I joined Rina Mujku this evening on Klan Kosova TV’s ‘Info Magazine’ programme, to talk about Under A Feathered Sky.

The interview was pre recorded over the previous weekend so that subtitles and editing could take place.

My breakfast room at home is hardly a sound-proofed studio and minutes before the recording began, my neighbour started some DIY in his garden next door; fortunately he was gracious enough to pause his chores until I had finished!

Rina asked me a lot of very detailed questions this evening about the security sector transition that inspired my book. In particular she delved into the story behind the dissolution of the Kosovo Protection Corps (‘TMK’ in Albanian) and the creation of the Balkans’ newest security force, the Kosovo Security Force (the ‘FSK’).

Rina Mujku

The book was written for the people of Kosovo to understand what happened over the period 2008/09. The opportunity to talk about those events on national TV was a real privilege. I am delighted that more people in Kosovo now know about it!

The plan is to translate the book and publish it in Albanian in 2021. Much needs to happen in that time to make that a reality. The satisfaction of knowing that the book will be more accessible in their own language is a big driver for me and is one of my personal goals over the next 12 months.

And who knows, maybe I’ll actually be sitting in the studio in Pristina with Rina and her colleagues when the Albanian version of the book is finally launched in Kosovo!

My profound thanks go to Zija Miftari for making the arrangements.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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