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2008 – Pristina: looking forward to a physical book launch in Kosovo in 2021

I am delighted that King’s College London has chosen to feature Under A Feathered Sky in an online book launch event on 21st October. Hosted by the School of Security Studies, I will be discussing the book in conversation with Professor Martin Bricknell, before finishing the event with a live Q&A.

The book was written for the people of Kosovo, so they could understand what happened over the period in question. There is a plan to translate the book into Albanian, to enable more people in Kosovo and the region to access the story.

The book was also written for academic, military and diplomatic professionals, and those engaged in security sector reform activities around the world, to understand the impact of getting a complex security sector transition wrong. That is why I am very pleased to be able to talk about the book to an audience with a genuine interest in not only studying war, but understanding the complexities of winning the peace.

Kosovo’s future remains unresolved. The deadlock with Serbia over its independence, self declared in February 2008, remains the dominant issue in the region. Yet even in some EU countries, Kosovo’s decision to break away from Serbia remains deeply unpopular.

The EU, the UN and NATO remain central to the question of Kosovo’s future security. Add into the mix the unhelpful role played by countries supporting Serbia’s regime, and the only conclusion is that non recognising countries hold all the cards.

As it was in 2008/09.

You can register here;

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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