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Under A Feathered Sky – what readers are saying

Prishtina Library, 2008. The security transition that took place over the winter of 2008/09 needed NATO’s leaders to understand the human impact of the changes taking place, but they failed to do so.

Under A Feathered Sky: the untold story of NATO’s role in newly independent Kosovo was published a month ago and is already receiving very positive reviews.

I wrote ‘Under A Feathered Sky’ to tell the story about the extraordinary events that took place during my 6 month operational tour of duty as a British Army Officer in Kosovo. The book has already been sold in North America, Europe, the UK and of course in Kosovo. Here are some excerpts from reviews that have been posted online;

“[Under A Feathered Sky] reflects real politics, real military behaviour and some uncomfortable truths.” msrx

Other reviews have referred to Under a Feathered Sky as compulsive, truly impactful, gripping and jaw-dropping ….. and I would agree with all those words.” JB

“I should say that I don’t have a military or diplomatic background so wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, and whether I’d be able to relate. But I shouldn’t have been worried.” Kat S

“The author manages to turn a set of largely administrative events into a spellbinding tale of human relations, dignity, adventure, disappointment, and eventually triumph in that the Kosovo Security Force must be seen as a success today.” Cindy A

“This book had me gripped (and entertained) from start to finish, a book I returned to every day to see how this particular moment in the history of Kosovo, KPC-KSF and the UK Liaison Officer would twist and turn next. Each chapter, genuine and gripping episodes in their own right, all contributed to this poignant recollection of a significant moment in time…” JB

“This book is an invaluable reference work for military officers and members of NGOs who find themselves involved in post-hostility stabilization operations. It’s by no means a dry academic treatise, but rather is an intensely personal memoir. With a deft and engaging narrative style Clewlow describes his professional relationships, his successes, his hardships and frustrations.” Michael Goodspeed

“[The book] leaves the reader questioning why NATO were still present in Kosovo so long after the conflict had ended.” C Paterson

The book will be formally launched in the coming days.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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