Under A Feathered Sky: what people have said

2008 – a KFOR vehicle passing a KLA memorial on the roadside near the southern Serbian enclave of Brezovica.

On Friday, 31st July 2020, Under A Feathered Sky will be published. The book has been previewed by two eminent security and diplomatic professionals, resulting in a strong endorsement from each.

General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO wrote;

In a highly charged and often dangerous environment, peace is frequently bought by a few quite junior, yet talented people, given disproportionate responsibility. Their courage, initiative and judgement is what allows the big international bureaucracies that send them into harm’s way to succeed, despite those organisations often displaying a bewildering inability to support and give clear direction to the very people on whom they depend.

Ade Clewlow was one such individual.

His candid account of his experiences in Kosovo makes for great reading. It ranges from acute observations on the highest levels of international incompetence, that blithely ignores ground level reality, through to daily encounters with people actively and cunningly conspiring to thwart well laid plans.

I thoroughly recommend it.

Military and diplomatic professional, or lay person with an interest in what lies behind the headlines, they will all thoroughly enjoy and learn from this page-turning, stimulating and very human tale.

Pieter Feith, the EU’s most senior diplomat and the International Civilian Representative in Kosovo between 2008 – 2012, wrote;

With unusual candor, Ade Clewlow gives us an insight into what it’s like to work for NATO in a highly politicised environment; a divided international community, a clash of national cultures and local politicians pursuing their own agendas. Although he successfully navigates his mission, it comes at a cost; both professional and personal. Entertaining, gripping at times, and recommended reading…

Under A Feathered Sky will be published on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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