My book on Kosovo is finished.

The first draft of the manuscript.

I started writing the manuscript in 2015 during a retreat in Portugal. I have dedicated the last 6 months to writing the remainder of the story, clocking up 96,000 words in the process. I have visited Portugal again this year and spent time on the coast in Norfolk where I have managed to finish the project.

The book describes events in Kosovo over the Winter of 2008/09, a period of profound change for Kosovo’s fledgling security sector, detailing my journey through a tempestuous 6 months, acting as NATO’s Liaison Officer embedded with the leadership of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) and latterly the Kosovo Security Force (KSF).

Talking with Lieutenant General Selimi and Major General Rama of the Kosovo Protection Corps before a visit by the KFOR Commander, Lieutenant General Emilio Gay (IT), in September 2008. With Simi, my interpreter, ever present throughout my tour.

Inept leadership and unnecessary political interference conspired to undermine the birth of the Balkans’ newest security force in newly independent Kosovo; a country today still only officially recognised by less than 60% of UN member states.

In spite of being under the ‘supervision’ of NATO, Kosovo’s most revered security organisation – the KPC – risked losing its standing and its legitimacy within its own society. A lack of cultural understanding and stifling political correctness led to one unnecessary crisis after another. National agendas adversely influenced decision making at the expense of people’s lives.

090119 - book - president
The KPC’s final parade with the President of Kosovo. Pristina, 19th January 2009

Immersed in Kosovan culture and operating in an unpredictable security environment, the book is a personal account from the heart of the transition. It details how I embarked on a journey that crossed lines and took risks which ultimately led me to the heart of the country’s political elite 9 years ago.

In April 2018 I returned to Kosovo for the first time since leaving in February 2009. I saw people again who I worked closely with and who had become friends. I also had a private meeting with the current Prime Minister whom I had got to know during my tour of duty. He thanked me for writing the book; for leaving a legacy for the people of Kosovo.

Meeting Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo’s Prime Minister.

The manuscript is now at the editing stage and I’m looking for an agent/publisher.

If you would like to know any more, please contact me.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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