At least I’ve won one election…

Whilst pounding the roads and streets of Oakley, Stevington and Pavenham earlier this year while campaigning for the Borough Council election,  I decided to put my name forward for the elected position of Parent Governor at Bedford Modern School.

I duly wrote my short bio and election statement  which was then sent out to all parents, along with the details of the other 4 candidates. The poll closed this morning at 9am and by 2.30pm I received the news that I had won by 19 votes. It made a change to losing by 41!

So I have finally been successful this year and I am delighted. It is clear people voted for my ideas to improve BMS.

It is a tremendous privilege to serve on the governing body of the 250 year old school, assuming the Trustees confirm the appointment. It is more than compensation for my disappointment in the election this year.

The appointment commences in September.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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