So close…

Yet so far… 

I was appointed the Conservative Candidate for Oakley Ward in January 2015. From a standing start and in only 4 months, I managed to gain 39% share of the vote against a long standing borough councillor (29 years) and former Mayoress. I also managed to reduce her share of the vote from 84% in 2011 to 41% at the election. In anyone’s book that’s a pretty impressive achievement. 

If I can achieve that, what else can I do in politics?

So I am very proud of my positive and engaging campaign, knocking on doors and connecting with people directly. I am very disappointed for the 914 people who looked to me to deliver much needed change in the Ward and I am sorry I didn’t quite make it. Everyone has been very kind by sending messages of support and congratulations. Thank you for what you have said; it means a lot to me.

On the plus side I have met some amazing people along the way and I have made many new friends. I love the villages that I have been spending so much time in and I really do care about their future.

I will always remember those 41 votes in whatever I take on next. 

But first I need to re-connect with my amazing family and do some normal things at weekends! 

The results follow;


By Ade Clewlow MBE

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2 replies on “So close…”

I was very sorry to hear that you didn’t quite make it. Congratulations on getting so close against a very well entrenched incumbent. Have a break, but don’t give up! Regards, Karl Cerski (Oakley)


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