Archived: Campaigning to the end…

I spent 5 hours in Lincroft yesterday. I met many people and they were all surprised when I explained that it was the culmination of a 4 month campaign.
They didn’t expect to hear such commitment from a political candidate. I have been the only local candidate knocking on doors in this campaign. What does that tell you?

But that’s me; I’m a bit old school when it comes to these matters. How can I ask for someone’s vote and not put the effort in to meet them? This is what local politics is all about and I now feel a heavy burden to win this election because so many people I have met in Oakley, Pavenham and Stevington are relying on me to bring change to the Ward.

I can not have done more and there are still three days left to talk to people about what can be achieved if we make a change together on 7th May.

At the Mayoral debate I asked about the candidates’ vision for Bedford. There were signs from one or two prospective Mayors that they could offer the leadership Bedford so urgently needs. I would encourage the successful candidate to be bold and ambitious.

In these 4 months on the road I have been challenged by people in a way I had never expected. Local politics really matters to residents and they want to know what they are going to get.

That’s easy; fresh ideas, ambition, a vision for Bedford, the ability to reset relationships in the council and an unflinching commitment to the people I represent.

As a leader in the UK’s Armed Forces I have always thrown my heart and soul into my responsibilities.

As your Borough Councillor, you can expect nothing less.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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