Archived: They never said anything about this in the interview..!

It’s been a really busy weekend canvassing. This is what real local politics is all about. And with more people responding to my campaign and recognising me in the street, I am more confident than ever that change will come to the people in Oakley Ward.

So as well as meeting the world’s biggest puppy on my travels (above), I also attended an event in Stevington, organised to discuss the NDP. It was inclusive, informative and brought together people from the village over a very important matter. It was very good to see and reinforces my views on the importance of local people making local decisions.

I split my time between all three villages and received a warm welcome everytime. I feel like my campaign has turned a corner.

People are privately giving me strong support. With that support comes responsibility, something I am very comfortable with.

With ten days to go it’s clear that people want change. The postal votes have, in most cases, been returned. So it’s up to those of you still to cast your vote to go to your local polling station and make a difference on 7th May.

Let’s have a big turn out.

Vote Ade Clewlow.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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