Archived: What did we learn from last night’s hustings in Oakley Village Hall?

Well, not that much, other than confirmation that Alistair Burt was head and shoulders over his fellow candidates.

We did learn that those members of the public who sat through the two hours provided a brilliantly diverse range of questions for the panelists.

I still think that UKIP’s policies are un-British and the Greens are essentially on the political stage to make up the numbers. However, as Alistair Burt said last night, the new reality in politics means that we must listen to what people are saying and shape our policies accordingly.

The hecklers were out to savage the Labour Party’s record on jobs and the economy but it was clear there was a range of political views in the audience.

So how can we engage more effectively with people?

I believe my approach is best for politics at the local level. I speak honestly, directly and without sound bite. I want people to trust me and I believe that my background provides a  reassurance over my future commitment.

I believe change is coming in Oakley Ward. I offer a real choice for people on 7th May.

So vote Ade Clewlow and lets make a positive difference to local politics together.

By Ade Clewlow MBE

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