Archived: 3 weeks to go – how will you vote locally?

In Oakley Ward it is a 2 horse race.

With most other candidates simply nominated by their political parties, there is only one candidate who has been knocking on doors since January to hear your views (and you’re reading his blog!).

Even today, canvassing with my local Parliamentary candidate Alistair Burt, I am struck by people’s natural desire to ‘talk politics’.  Whatever your politics, you deserve to be listened to.

So let’s make a change in Oakley Ward next month…

Vote – Ade Clewlow


By Ade Clewlow MBE

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2 replies on “Archived: 3 weeks to go – how will you vote locally?”

Looking forward to a change from the out of date approach of the past to a candidate who wants to support families with teenagers, community clubs and people who want positive change. Time to have a candidate who wants to back all of the community with enthusiasm and an open mind.


Thank you Justin. It is time for a change and I appreciate your comment. My children are 10 and 13 so I know the pressures parents are under. I want to represent all the people in Oakley Ward and if enough people share your thoughts, we can make it a reality! A


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